Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween Console Table Decor

Happy October! And that means, that time of year is upon us. Yes, the season of pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, costumes, candy, trick or treat, corn mazes and the best part - Hocus Pocus on the 13 nights of Halloween! Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! I’m so freaking excited. 

Anyway, I love love love Halloween and pretty much everything about it, including decorating my house. However, I’m also one of those clutter-phobic individuals who can only decorate using “clean decorations,” meaning no crazy cob webs, or super tacky stuff. I’m weird. I know. I’ve accepted it. So, this year, I am excited to be able to decorate my entryway table. You’ve probably seen this table a million times on Pinterest, with the two baskets underneath. Yeah. I know its Pottery Barn and was pricy, but I had to have it, and it just works so well in that long narrow hallway. 

This year, I just used some glass jars I already had and filled them with green moss. I then added a miniature pumpkin in one, a tiny skeleton in another and a skull in the middle. I added two battery-operated candlesticks behind the jars as well. 

Hanging from the mirror is a cute Tricks & Treats sign. All of the jar filler items, including the moss, the candlesticks and the hanging sign were purchased at Dollar Tree.  Who says you can’t make dollar store stuff look classy? 

I also purchased the spooky black mesh material under the decorations at the Dollar Tree. 

HAVE to have flowers in virtually every corner of my house, so I used a miniature pitcher that I bought at Kroger months ago and filled it with some festive orange flowers from Michaels. 

The tombstones on either side of the table are actually five or six years old. They’re the heavy duty kind that usually go in the front yard, but I thought they helped balance out the table. I can’t remember where we purchased them, but if I had to guess, I’d say either Walmart or Target. 

The ceramic pumpkin on the right side of the table is actually a vase that came with some Halloween flowers that my hubby had delivered to my work years ago. Ya know, when we were still young, and both had jobs, and no mortgage, and no children and lots of disposable income. Those were some good years. 

Dollar Tree Items:
Skeleton garland
Green moss
Miniature pumpkins
Skull head
Black mesh sheets
Tricks & Treats bat sign

Console Table:
Tivoli Long Console Table from Pottery Barn in black in sale now from $699 to $594. If you sign up for email notifications, they send you a coupon for 15% off your first purchase. Make sure you do that! It will drop the price down to $505 for you! 

Smith and Hawken Square Decorative Basket with Chalkboard from Target. $39.99 each

Happy Halloween Decorating!


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