Thursday, December 11, 2014

Winter OneDerland Birthday Party

Winter OneDerland Birthday Party

My little guy will be two this month and that is both super exciting and extremely terrifying. Terrible twos, anyone? Luckily, he’s still an only child so between me and daddy, it’s still two against one.

Anyway, last year was his first birthday and being a December baby made for a little bit of a challenge when it came to planning a birthday. Add to the chaos of Christmas, his birthday is on the 26th, which is the day right after Christmas, so there’s that …

Moving on … because you can really only pull off a Winter Onederland when the kid is One, I figured I’d better do it the year he actually turned one. I hit Pinterest for most of these ideas.

Invitation: found a version online that I liked and re-created it myself using a professionally taken photo of my baby.

Food: What goes with winter more than cookies? Answer: More cookies! You guys. I baked my ass off. For like two days straight before the party. M&M cookies. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Sugar Cookies.

And then also cupcakes. Store bought items included: doughnut holes, white chocolate pretzels and toppings for the hot cocoa bar.

That’s right. You can’t have a winter wonderland without hot cocoa too. We had sprinkles, white chocolate chips, mini chocolate chips and butterscotch chips along with whip cream. I saw on Pinterest where someone took those big marshmallows, dipped them in melted blue white chocolate and topped them with these cute snowflake sprinkles. They were really good and were used to stir the hot cocoa. 

I used this crockpot hot chocolate recipe and doubled it:  1.5 cups heavy cream, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14oz), 2 cups milk chocolate chips, 6 cups of milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract.

It. Was. Amazing.

So, total sugar overload. I probably would have been more concerned about this if there was more than two children at the party. Everyone else was an adult. I’m okay with adults on a sugar high.

Decorations: I hit up Dollar Tree in October as soon as their winter stuff came out and grabbed a bunch of snowflakes to hang from the ceiling. I also used any silver decorations I had lying around in my Christmas containers; silver plate, silver picture frame, branches with fake snow (from A C Moore) and of course, fake snow. The two white vases with crystals on them are decorations I bought for the house a few years ago at (which I guess is now called I also filled the entire dining room with balloons. That was a lot a of blowing. 

Pictures: The day of the party was going to be hectic so I took the advice of much more experienced mommies and did a cake-testing photo shoot a few days before the actual party. I just didn't want all of Mason's first birthday photos to look like this:

Anyway, it was so much fun. I made little guy a giant cupcake cake (chocolate, of course), set up a backdrop and went to town with my camera. I made the banners from scratch paper purchased at Michael's and let the balloons fall where they may. I think his tummy is just the cutest thing in the whole world, so I had him shirtless with dark blue jeans.

Party Favors: For Thank you party favors, I filled up some hot beverage paper cups/lids that I had with tootsie rolls and individual hot cocoa packets. I tied them with snowflakes from the Dollar Tree and a little note that matched the invitations saying, “Thank you snow much for coming, Love, M.” Cute. Easy. Inexpensive. And everyone loved them.

Budget: Hubby and I decided on a $100 party budget and I think we fell just short of that. We spent most of the money on recipe items and food. The dollar store was a huge help with d├ęcor and it helped that I designed all of the paper items. So if you’re thinking of hosting a Winter Onederland for your little person, I hope you find some inspiration here. My little dude’s second birthday party is Elmo themed, so stay tuned for that!

Till next time.

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