Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our Great Room

Let’s talk about the living room, which is really more of the great room because it includes the kitchen, kitchenette and living room. It’s huge. I love it. I love everything about it.

So when we moved into our first house back in Kentucky, hubby and I bought a big faux leather section because it looked so “adult-like” and well, we became adults and needed to have nice things. Yeah … um … no. I hated that thing. I wanted to burn that thing to the ground. It became the most uncomfortable sofa I’ve ever been on. And when it was freezing, the material would be super cold. If it was hot, my butt cheeks would stick to it and then rip off when I stood up. I thought I was being smart because I could just wipe all the dog hair off. No, that didn’t matter either, because dog hair was still everywhere all the time. Like it still is. Anyway, enough with my rant on that. 

I search the internet high and low looking for the best family sofas and I kept getting turned to Pottery Barn. We ended up buying the Pearce Upholstered Right 4PieceCornerWedge Sectional, in Performance everydaysuede™ Metal Gray. It was on sale from $4,799 to $3,839. Pretty cool, huh? It gets better. When we first moved into the house, Pottery Barn sent me this wonderful coupon for 15% off one item and that included furniture. Oh yes. So on top of the sale price, I got an extra $575.85 discount. Awesome. Shipping and processing adds $163, along with a delivery surcharge of $125 and tax at $293. Out the door, our total was $3,844. A Pottery Barn sectional sofa with a chase that’s super cozy in an awesome color delivered to my house for under $4,000? Yes. And seriously, this sofa is amazing. It’s huge. Hubby actually likes the right corner spot the most; as you can see from the deflated cushions. I called dibs on the chaise and little dude just kind of runs around the whole thing like it’s a jungle gym because he’s two.

I’m sure you can search the web for better reviews, so I’ll just give you the key notes:

Super Comfortable (nap-time approved)
Beautiful Color (everydaysuede Metal Gray) – we actually went into the Pottery Barn store to get a sample of the material first. I recommend doing this or ordering a sample online.
Easy to Clean – can be wiped down and vacuumed (gently)
Seats Six comfortably, but can fit more

Cushions need constant fluffing
Feathers poke out sometimes – I haven’t looked into why it does this yet.

Rug: The Rug is the Safavieh Cozy Solid Dark Grey Shag Rug from I was really hesitant about purchasing a rug online because I couldn’t actually see it. But this thing is wonderful. It’s super comfortable and I can vacuum right over it. I’ve had it for over three months now, and have had no issues. I did purchase a rug pad for under it. I bought a larger sized pad and cut it to size. 

Ottoman: The ottoman is from Overstock - Round Cream Bonded Leather5-piece Ottoman Set. At $318.99, I wasn’t super excited about the price, mostly because I knew it was going to take a beating, but it’s very functional. I found some coupon code online that knocked off $31, so out the door it was $287 (shipping included). 

The roundness of the ottoman makes it much easier to get in and out of the couch. This particular ottoman also has storage inside so I’m using it as a toy box for my little dude. It came with four little mini seats as well, but we don’t actually use them. I think they’re sitting in a guest closet or something. It’s very stylish and functional, although it already suffered a pen mark. I also noticed that the material is starting to shift at the bottom. I’m not sure if that’s because I didn’t attach the feat or not. They were rolling feet and we weren’t planning on moving it, so I never put them on.

Pillows & Blanket:

White Pillows:  I bought the ivory throw pillows in store at Walmart about four years ago. That’s why they’re flat and a little ghetto.

Large Black PillowBrentwood 3438 Crown Chenille Floor Cushion, 24-Inch, Black from, $20

Gray PillowsCableKnit Wool Throw Pillow from Wayfair, $37

Throw: Threshold™Quilted Cable Plush Throw in Shell from Target, $35 (and yes, it’s super cozy)

End Table: Okay, so normally, I don’t really have much to say about end tables, but this one is super cute. It fits the corner of the couch really well and I just love it. I added a mini pitcher with pink flowers, a white table lamp that I found on clearance at Target, a photo and a basket. I think it just came together really nicely. It’s the Alaterre Cottage 2-Shelf Side Table in Black from Target, $115 

Tree: NearlyNatural 5346 Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, 6-Feet, Green at Amazon. When I bought it, it was listed for $130. It has been knocked down to $102. I’m a little pissed about that. But it’s very beautiful.

Basket that holds the tree: EKO Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket with Handles from Amazon, $43

Curtains: All of the curtains in the kitchen and living room are from the same set. We bought the Bombay™ Garrison Rod Pocket/Back Tab Window Curtain Panels in Charcoal from Bed Bath and Beyond. They were not cheap ($45-$70 depending on length), but worth every penny. If you’re looking to stay in the neutral category with your home, but get away from the whites and beige, this is the way to go.

Behind the Sofa Console Tables: Threshold™ Avington Console Table – Black, Target $120/each. I’m very happy with our decision to purchase two matching console tables for behind the couch. We had this long narrow open space that I couldn’t figure out what to do with for the longest time. We love the ottoman, but it’s not very useful for holding drinks. At some point, I could probably get a much larger circular tray, but it wouldn’t matter right now because our two-year-old knocks everything over. Anyway, the console tables are useful for holding drinks for people on the couch and they also serve as a bar area and extra setting for guests. We purchased a set of bar stools that fit perfectly under the table and we can pull them out when needed.

Barstools: 5302Series 18" Bar Stool by Woodbridge Home Designs from Wayfair, $100 for a set of two.

Until next time!

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