Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Kitchenette with Benchwright Dining Table

So I’ve been MIA for some time now, but life got crazy after the move. We’ve finally settled into our new life and even better, got the house furnished so I actually have something to write about. Yay! Here’s a peek inside our kitchenette!

Table: The table is the Benchwright Dining Table (74x30”) in Rustic Mahogany Stain from Pottery Barn. It is regularly priced at $1,400, but I stocked Pottery Barn’s website for about three months and low-in-behold, it went on sale for $1,299. Shipping and processing will add $117, plus a delivery surcharge of $100, plus tax of $114 equaled $1,630 for the total. However, I in addition to the table being on sale, I also had a 10% off coupon for my online order with took off $130, bringing the total down to $1,500. That was still a big chunk of change, but the same table not on sale, without the discount out the door would have been over $1,730, so I still saved about $230 making me one happy shopper.

The table itself is beautiful and very durable. The grooves and saw marks on the wood’s surface gives it that rustic look and honestly, I’m not terrified of my son giving it even more dents because it just adds to the look of the table. It’s easy to wipe down and overall, just a great table. The only tiny issue I’ve had with it is cleaning out the tiny pieces crumbs that fall in-between the board on the very end of the table, but it’s nothing a little wet rag and needle can’t get out.

Chairs: I bought two sets of Castleton Home’s Parsons Dining Chairs in cream at They were on sale at the time as well ($276 for all four). Unfortunately, they’re no longer available, but Parson does have some other products on Wayfair that look just as nice. I ended up going with a faux leather because it’s so easy to wipe down. At some point in the future, I’m sure I’ll have to get covers for them because my child will probably take a permanent marker to the backs of them.

Lighting: So I’m super excited about the new chandelier. When we bought the house, there was this really large dumb type lamp shade that took up the entire space of the kitchenette and I was having none of it. 

We bought the Quoizel Gentry Cage Chandelier from Walmart. We have an open floor plan that connects the kitchen, breakfast nook and living room so the pendant is viewable from the entire area. It goes well with my other lights that hang over the breakfast bar. Make sure you measure it out because the picture makes it look a little small, but I think it looks great over the benchwright table. Instillation was a pain and took both my hubby and I to get it up there, but it was worth it. We also installed a dimmer switch which I totally recommend with this piece. The different levels of brightness are wonderful to set for different occasions.

Curtains: All of the curtains in the kitchen and living room are from the same set. We bought the Bombay™ Garrison Rod Pocket/Back Tab Window Curtain Panels in Charcoal from Bed Bath and Beyond. They were not cheap ($45-$70 depending on length), but worth every penny. There were two open spots behind the table on the wall, so I bought two shorter curtains along with a 12-20inch mini rod set which we also purchased from BBB. If you’re looking to stay in the neutral category with your home, but get away from the whites and beige, this is the way to go.

Centerpiece: I found the galvanized tray for $10 at my local HEB. I was so excited about it, I actually bought two. If you don’t have an HEB, or can’t find these, I recommend searching on Wayfair. I’ve seen a lot of really cute ones there too. I also bought the large glass jar at Walmart and the white pitcher at Kroger. The jar holds our large napkins and I filled the pitcher with some pretty flowers from Michaels.

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