Monday, July 28, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Started a Blog

At some point in the distant future, I hope to re-enter the workforce. Unless, of course, I've incurred a disgusting amount of money — probably with a scheme involving half-drunk water bottles and stale, under-the-car-seat French fries — or become my own boss — literally working for myself in a non-diaper-changing, laundry-folding, cookie-burning type of mom/wife way.

You: “But Jessie, why would you want to go back to work if you can live comfortably on one income?”

Me: “Validation.”

You: “Of what?”

Me: “I’m not totally sure. Maybe I see employers the same way I did my parents and teachers; adults whose approval I was desperately seeking.

You: “But you are the adult now …”

Me: “I didn't say it was logical. I think that little girl is still somewhere inside of me. I try to shut her up with popcorn and Disney movies.”

Moving on …  

When I do go back to work, I want to be able to show my future employer that I did something to stay current in my field. So, I started this blog to motive me to keep writing, taking photos, learning how to use websites, working on graphic design, etc. etc.. But that wasn't the only reason. Here is my top 10 reasons I started a blog.
  1.  To become a better writer.
  2. To make people laugh.
  3. To learn.
  4.  To help others learn.  (Mostly from my mistakes).
  5. To build my own self confidence.
  6. To reflect on my life.
  7.  To stay professionally relevant.
  8. To meet people with similar lifestyles.
  9. To become more comfortable with being known.
  10. To have fun!

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