Friday, August 15, 2014

A Fairy Garden

After I discovered Pinterest and learned a new way to waste a disgusting amount of my time on recipes I probably won’t make and workout routines I’ll defiantly never use, I found these amazing things called “fairy gardens.” Now, I have this strange fascination with tiny objects. 

Here’s a tiny potty, for example. 

And my tiny dog. 

And this tiny person that likes to stick his tiny, sticky fingers all over my camera. 

Anyway, I’m not sure how I’d manage to live life as long as I have without having heard of a fairy garden, but once I was introduced, I obviously had to have one. Pinterest has a million great ideas for them. So I spent some free time in March making miniatures for my fairy garden out of polymer clay. The gnome, mushrooms, bunny, turtle and snails are all polymer clay. 

Naturally, my fairy garden wouldn’t be complete without the Lorax to watch over the truffula trees. The Lorax himself took some time with the clay, but the truffle trees were easy. Just twist white and black strings of clay together, bake and hot glue some colorful fluff balls found in the school craft section at any craft store. Look how cute he is …

Lowes sold a black plant stand and I used it for my fairy garden for the front door area. Unfortunately, my house doesn’t have much of a front patio, so a thin, long stand would give me the most area for a garden without taking up much room by the door. I taped some cardboard together and stuck it on the bottom of the stand and hot glued some faux moss. The “river” is blue marbles that are also hot glued down. 

The white bench, vine arbor, birdbath, watering can and welcome sign came from a fairy garden kit that I purchased at Michales when their spring stuff came out. I also found it online here

So there you have it … my very own fairy garden. I hope you find some inspiration to make your own too because it’s so wonderful to have something so darling to see every time I come home. Of course, I do have an ongoing battle with this one bird who thinks its okay to steal my moss. Little bastard.


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