Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cleaning the Cleaning Closet

Today I took little guy to the Dollar Tree. We were on a mission — A mission to clean the cleaning closet. It was getting out of hand as you can see …

Most of the plastic bins that I remembered seeing when summer began had been raided through already, but I found a bunch in different areas of the store. I was determined not to spend over $20 and get a butt load of plastic bins. 

Naturally, I left with a $37 receipt. 

Because … ya know … it’s the Dollar Tree.

It sucks you in like that.

I got a bunch of different style and sized bins because I wasn’t really sure how I was planning on organizing everything. I’m glad I did because even the bins that didn’t get used in the cleaning closet found homes in other closets.

Anyway, when we get home the mission is on! I pulled everything out of the closet one thing at a time. Okay, maybe I threw some shit away, but it had to be done.

Believe it or not, there was some thought behind the madness of this organization project. My dear 6’6” hubby is super tall. Because he is super tall, he doesn’t enjoy having to bend down to get certain items out of the cleaning closet. He actually doesn’t like getting certain items out of the cleaning closest at all. About six months after moving into the house, I wasn’t really sure he even knew we had one. No, that’s a lie, but you get the point. So, I decided on putting items that he uses up on the higher shelves; light bulbs, extension cords, tools, hardware, etc. I also put items I don’t use as much on the top (where I can’t really reach anyway), and the sides of the shelves, which are more difficult to get to.

The main things I use are the Clorox wipes, plastic gloves, dusting supplies, magic erasers and my cleaning bucket (which has a bunch of cleaning items that I can take with me from room to room).

A side note … I have this weird need to label things.

Like everything.

It’s a problem.

Obviously, the bins in the organized cleaning closet had to be labeled as well. I had some leftover Avery Ink Jet white Business Card stock which I use for labels. I love these things – I use them for business cards, mommy cards, luggage tags, household labels, thank you notes … so many uses! Just download the free online template, type up your labels and print. Highly recommended.

I hole-punched the top, put some reinforcement label stickers over them and added some leftover blue string to tie them off. They’re cute, functional and (hopefully) durable. 

I had already cleaned, organized and labeled the medicine cabinet a few months ago.

And the pantry.

I may have OCD. 

Anyway ... if you're cleaning out the house (maybe getting things ready for back-to-school?) I recommend going through your cleaning closet as well. It makes life so much easier when you know where the damn Lemon Pledge is. 


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