Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Week Before Vacation

Our last “vacation” with the baby was when he was three months old. We flew from Kentucky to Arizona where dear hubby spent two weeks in a training course for work and I traveled back and forth between the hotel and my grandparents’ house. I was scared as hell to fly with Mason at that age, but it turned out to be totally fine. He slept through both flights there. It was awesome. Look ... there he is, sleeping on the plane.

This trip, however, he’s at the age where he’s like a real person with feelings and thoughts or whatever, so we’re going to have to keep him entertained. Oh, and did I mention that we’re dropping off the dogs at a the kennel, driving three house to Louisville, spending the night in a hotel, flying out of Louisville the next day to Vegas for a two-hour layover and then flying to Reno? There we are renting a car, and hubby is dropping me off for the bachelorette party. Rehearsal dinner is the next night. Best friend’s wedding is Labor Day. Tuesday morning we fly out of Reno back to Vegas for another short layover before going to Spokane where hubby’s parents are picking the three of us up. Then we drive two hours to Hope, Idaho. Jesus freaking Christ.  So, this week is packing, cleaning and baking (to get rid of food).
Therefore, I implemented the following rules for the week before a long, far, vacation:

1.) Cookies are an acceptable breakfast. Especially if you make three batches of dough for friends and co-workers. Hey, that butter and eggs shouldn’t go to waste! 

2.) Set aside a few hours for a facial and a pedicure. Not a manicure because your nails will probably look like shit before you even get on the plane with all the packing and cleaning.

3.) Have a mini fashion show. That’s right. Put those kids in those clothes and make sure they fit. But then quickly take them off so they don't get dirty.

4.) Clean. Because nothing sucks more ass than coming back from vacation to a fifthly, smelly house. And if you need to take a break from cleaning for some yoga, that’s okay too.

Okay, I’m sure I’ll put up another post about traveling with an almost two-year old when we get back, but I’m gone for like two weeks or something. I don’t remember. 


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