Monday, August 18, 2014

Three “Thank Yous”

It is so easy to take people for granted in today’s full scheduled, fast-past world. So last week I made a pledge to thank three people for their help with something special. I know that when I'm appreciated, I'm more willing to help others and something tells me that other people feel this way too. So here it goes ...

Thank You # 1 

The first “Thank You” went to a customer service rep from Home Depot who went out of her way to really help me deal with a contactor that the company hired out. She could have just as easly ignored my calls and emails, but instead she stayed in constant contact with me, even providing her personal cell number.

So I sent her this email to thank her:

Dear Rachel,
I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We really appreciate all your help dealing with (Contactor). You’ve made a very difficult process much more tolerable and I think it speaks volumes for Home Depot. They should hire more people like you; especially their contractors. 
I am so grateful to you for being available to come by when the installers were here and for all the great communication you provided. I know how busy you are and it meant a lot that you were always able to make time for us.
You’re a great person and I enjoyed getting to know you throughout all of this.
Thank you again,
Warmest Regards,
Jessica Ard

Thank You # 2

The second “Thank You” went to my mom. She flew out from Arizona and stayed with me for a week during which time she helped me install our kitchen backsplash. She also made a lot of super awesome, delicious food. And she babysat so dear hubby and I could go on a much-needed date.  

My beautiful mama and her grandson. 
Her and I have this thing where we send each other Sheri’s Berries for birthdays every year because we both enjoy those juice chocolate-covered strawberries. They’re seriously amazing. The card message thanked her for all her help in the kitchen.

Shari's Berries = Best. Gift. Ever.

Thank You # 3 (sort of) 

The third “Thank You” wasn’t really for anything particular. In fact, it probably was more of a “Just Because” than a “Thank You.” It was for my dear mother-in-law. This woman is amazing. She never stops. She takes care of so many people All. Of. The. Time. She lives with my equally awesome father-in-law on a lake house in northern Idaho and they have company all the time. As soon as one group leaves, another shows up. And she does all the cooking. All the cleaning. All the preparation. She called the other day to get a list from me of groceries she can buy so they are ready for when we visit in two weeks. So I wanted to do something special for her. We sent her a Cheese and Snack Board gift from Cherry Moon Farms

Cheese & Snack Gift. Yumm!

She had mentioned that she has plenty of wine in the lake house, so I thought, well, wine goes well with cheese.  

The card message said, 
“Dear Nana, Please remember to take a break from taking care of everyone else and take care of yourself. We love you so much. xoxo.”

So if you're reading this, I challege you to thank three people this week. It doesn't have to be expensive ... a simple email will do the trick. 


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